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When President Obama's Deputy Solicitor General, Malcolm Stewart, first argued the case "Hillary: The Movie" before the Supreme Court last March, Justice Samuel Alito asked him if the government could prohibit companies from publishing books.

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The dollar is tumbling to its lowest level in more than a year against the euro. CHARLES GOYETTE, author of 'THE DOLLAR MELTDOWN,' and Mike O'Rourke, of BTIG, share their outlooks on the dollar.

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Thinkactlive's Blog

I recently read “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test” by Tom Wolfe. This book is about a group of people back in the 60’s who used LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) and wanted to share the experience with the whole world. A friend who knew about my daydre

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Anthony lays bare the hyper-reality of American knowinglessness about Iraq, and captures the day-to-day insanity of the war. Mass Casualties is a must read for patriot Americans concerned with the US global empire and the undisclosed truths of the Ir

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Bretigne Shaffer

Mommy didn't always love the state. First she had to learn about what it was and what it could do for her. Read all about Mommy's fun adventures with government and how, no matter how bad it gets, Mommy never gives up on the power of the state to fix

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Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, former Senior Policy Advisor in the U.S. Department of Education, blew the whistle in the `80s on government activities withheld from the public. Her inside knowledge will help you protect your children from controversial methods and programs. 

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  Charles Goyette, talk show host and author of The Dollar Meltdown (release Oct. 09), on national TV, warns about the "economic calamity the Republicans and Democrats are creating," and is among the first to promote Ron Paul's candidacy on Fox, CNN, etc. 

(Publisher: Charles is coming baaaaack.. stay tuned to FreedomsPhoenix)

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Ron Paul: “J. Neil Schulman’s Alongside Night may be even more relevant today than it was in 1979. Hopefully, the special thirtieth anniversary edition of this landmark work of libertarian science fiction will inspire a new generation of readers to learn more about the ideas of liberty and become active in the freedom movement.” --Congressman Ron Paul 

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How do you know which one is right for you? All e-book readers promise to do one thing well: display text, especially for books. But there are a few more basic requirements: It must offer long battery life, be easy to carry, have a screen that doesn’

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Joe Schembrie for

If science fiction is the literature of the future, then the future is going to be libertarian. That's what even a cursory examination of the genre will show.

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Author J.G. Ballard, a survivor of a Japanese prison camp whose vision was so dark and distinctive it was labeled "Ballardian" and who reached a wide audience with the autobiographical "Empire Of The Sun," died Sunday, his agent s