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Terrence Aym

Popular talk show philosopher-king, Dr. Michael Savage, has done it again. The author of almost two dozen books has penned the penultimate exposé of an America spiraling into ruin because of political crimes, corruption and con jobs. With this boo

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A rare book by America's most famous bird artist, John James Audubon, billed as the most expensive in the world, is going under the hammer in December alongside a first edition of Shakespeare's plays. "Birds of America," which is estimated to sell

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Mondo Frazier

Shakedown Socialism, a book by People's Cube founder Oleg Atbashian (better known as Red Square) is available. How to recognize the MO of Socialists and their networks who have moved from the USSR to the USA. Atbashian grew up in the Soviet Union an

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Johann Hari via

Noam Chomsky is one of the most hysterically abused figures in the world today. Even his critics have to concede that his work in the field of linguistics – beginning to decode the structure of how language is formed in the human brain – makes him on

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M.D. Creekmore via

The amount of emails hitting my Inbox makes my head spin. I just checked my inbox and in the last 30 minutes I’ve had 43 emails…. and it is Monday morning as I write this (off-peak) I’m sure this number will grow with the day.