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Storytelling has always been an art, but do we know anything about its science? Darpa is going out on a limb to explore that very question later this week, in a workshop snappily entitled “Neurobiology of Narratives.”

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Free Patriot Press

Gary Chartier has raised the bar in his new book The Conscience of An Anarchist: Why It's Time to Say Good-Bye to the State and Build a Free Society. Chartier begins by asking the (non-anarchist) reader to “open your mind to anarchy” writing, “As an

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Pope Benedict XVI rejects the idea of Jesus as a political revolutionary and insists that violent revolution must never be carried out in God's name in a new book being released Thursday amid great fanfare at the start of Lent.


You may have lost a best friend or loved one at some point in life—but the pain may still linger. While Wooldridge writes mainly about adventures around the world, his recent book deals with a topic that touches all of us at some point in life: loss

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The Political Commentator

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh today as he was interviewing former President Bush Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld about his book "Known and Unknown." During the interview the quote of Rumsfeld during a 2002 press briefing was discussed where

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by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

Before I became an author myself, I held an inflated estimate of the number of copies the typical book (bestselling or otherwise) sold. I also thought the author earned more per book than he really does. In my experience, the general public shares th

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Space is no longer just a government program. Thanks to an emerging breed of innovative aerospace companies, it is rapidly becoming just another place to do business.

McElroy's Musings

David McElroy

Scientists are working for corporatists to create "enhanced" humanoid chimeras to replace us with more efficient and servile genetically engineered and micro-chipped workers and soldiers, like Star Trek's Borg Collective.