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The official reading of manufacturing output in China unexpectedly contracted for the first time in nine months, new data from the National Bureau of Statistics and China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing shows.

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The Revolution Is Over, Long live the revolution! by Bretigne Shaffer. / That 'Fiscal Cliff' Ahead by Charles Goyette / I Was Booed in Tampa by Walter Block / The RNC Proves One Thing, It's impossible to take over or reform the GOP, by Joel Skousen.

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel has arrived in Beijing for talks with Chinese leaders on expanding trade and solving Europe's debt problems They are to sign a series of business agreements and German officials say Merkel will brief Chinese leaders

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Nowadays the energy picture is confusing at best as the more information we are shown the murkier the picture seems to become. Mixed messages, poor reporting and a media hungry to sensationalize anything it thinks can grab a headline have led to many

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The Greasy PIIG No, not some new Barbecue restaurant in Kansas City or Memphis but our old favorite haunt including and surrounding Athens.