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Article Image News Link • Global, Matthew Boesler

Yesterday, we highlighted a note from Deutsche Bank chief equity strategist Binky Chadha pointing out that hedge funds are still underweight stocks while inflows into equity ETFs – a common investment vehicle for retail investors – are surging at rec

Article Image News Link • Global, Matthew Boesler

Caterpillar is the world's biggest manufacturer of construction equipment, and as a result, its conference calls and presentations are typically watched closely for a glimpse into how the global manufacturer perceives the state of the world economy.

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Bordering the Black Sea in Southeastern Europe, Romania offers visitors a variety of beautiful and dramatic landscapes concentrated in a relatively small land area, including modern cities and medieval villages, sweeping mountain vistas, broad plains

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As if depressing PMI data out of China overnight was not enough (it was certainly enough to send the Shanghai Composite tumbling 2.08% to 2024.8 and just off fresh 4 year lows), we then got Europe to join in the fray with a composite PMI print of 45.

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Analogizing from the sleight-of-hand tricks of magicians to the confidence-based efforts of the world's central bankers, Brent Johnson of Santiago Capital provides at once an entertaining and also devastatingly simple explanation of what these guys a

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Last week, the Federal Reserve made history when it embarked on unlimited quantitative easing. In other words, it plans to buy bonds and keep interest rates as low as possible for as long as possible until unemployment comes down and the economy sta

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