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Japan’s economy has been in a comatose state for over two decades, and the country continues to face hurdles that threaten the next several years. And just when Japan’s gross domestic profit (GDP) growth was showing some life, the eurozone mess surfa

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For the past two years, as regular readers know, I have been bearish on hard commodities. Prices may have dropped substantially from their peaks during this time, but I don’t think the bear market is over. I think we still have a very long way to go.

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During this period Russia adopted the Concept of Pocket Development for the northern regions. The so-called "pockets" or transportation hubs that were created in port cities stimulated industrial growth. Marketing was encouraged by the constructi

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Starting next year, new rules designed to prevent another meltdown will force traders to post U.S. Treasury bonds or other top-rated holdings to guarantee more of their bets.

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Greeted with initial fanfare by investors and economic officials, the unlimited bond-buying plan that the European Central Bank announced ran into immediate political problems in the crucial countries of Germany, Spain and Italy.

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Japan’s debt-to-GDP ratio is nearly 230%, the worst of any major country in the world. Yet Japan remains the world’s largest creditor country, with net foreign assets of $3.19 trillion. In 2010, its GDP per capita was more than that of France, German