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Robots and Artificial Intelligence

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Robots are already all around us, shipping our goods, mowing our lawns, and spying on us from above the clouds. Despite that fact, we derive a certain sense of security in knowing that somewhere, humans are still in control. But in the near future, t

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For those not in the know, there's a whole community out there based solving Rubik's Cubes as fast as possible. Entire competitions are set up to see who can solve a cube fastest. Currently, the fastest any humans has solved a cube in is 5.55 seconds

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Say what you will about the sci-fi oddity that was A.I. Artificial Intelligence, but Spielberg's robot-centric vision of the future just took a pole-dancing, hip-grinding step toward reality. At this year's CeBIT expo in Hannover, Germany a trio of r

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At the University of Texas at Dallas, there's a professor by the name of Ray Baughman. He's a man obsessed with outlandishly strong muscle — just not the human kind. Back in 2011, he used carbon nanotubes to create an artificial muscle capable of rot

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Ray Kurzweil popularised the Teminator-like moment he called the 'singularity', when artificial intelligence overtakes human thinking. But now the man who hopes to be immortal is involved in the very same quest – on behalf of the tech behemoth

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