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In my May article "A Pantry Full of Marijuana," I pined for the day when "governments across America will consider it none of their business how much marijuana people have in their homes, cars, purses, or wherever."

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Bitchute - Diana Lenska

The massive 5G infrastructure installed worldwide is not only for control but murder! Sign and join the INTERNATIONAL APPEAL Stop 5G on Earth and in Space

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Next Big Future - Brian Wang

Cancer biologist Yibin Kang has disabled a key cancer gene MTDH in mice and in human tissue. A human treatment will be ready for human trials in a few years.

Article Image, By Joseph Mercola

November 4, 2021, the Biden administration announced two major COVID jab policies aimed at two-thirds of American workers.1 At the time, 70% of American adults had supposedly acquiesced to the novel gene therapy, but that was not enough.

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Dr Alan Palmer

1200 Studies (eBook) is an interactive document. The format this document is being presented in, maximizes your ability to search by key word or phrase and jump from Table of Contents directly to items that you want to see with a mouse click. And, it