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We detailed previously how the hugely controversial implementation of a so-called vaccine passport requirement at various international borders and even in some cities like in New York or San Francisco has given rise to a whole industry of counterfei

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Jay Noone update on what he and Ernie have been doing - Marc Victor (Attorneys for Freedom) comes on the show to discuss his lawfirm representing a group of Hawaii residents in a lawsuit against the governor of Hawaii regarding his Covid-19 related o

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The exhausting effort required to contain an outbreak of the novel coronavirus - contact tracing, quarantine enforcement etc. - are giving regimes from the US to China to a handful of European nations an unprecedented opportunity to test technologies

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Our recent prediction that Hawaii would be the epicenter of the first major outbreak hub in the United States of America continues to gain more support. Today, Delta Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines have both confirmed that a coronavirus infected coupl

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The embattled biotech company Monsanto will have to pay a hefty fine of $10 million for spraying a dangerous pesticide on "research crops" in Hawaii. Over 160 lbs if the pesticide used was stockpiled and sprayed even after it was banned by the US