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Phoenix City Employees out to save their jobs with... CITATIONS

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During the radio show today we were visited by a woman driving a City of Phoenix small pickup.  Videographer Drew Phillips and my wife Donna spoke to the woman and during the break I confirmed with the woman what was her mission.
She is visiting every commercial establishment to make certain that all commercial addresses have an individual contract with trash a removal company. ???
It seems that there is some ordinance that requires us to produce a contract. Our deal is with our landlord and the dumpster right outside our side door has been ours to use for just under 2 years. But without an individual contract we are to be sited (more fun).
I learned that my wife Donna was in no mood since she had just left our home from an encounter with another City of Phoenix employee with a clipboard demanding to see our back yard to inspect for a "Green Pool" violation. During the summer we place an above ground pool over where our Garden is (115 deg. Summers here is not when you grow gardens), we have a greater need for water storage (and cooling off).
Donna had taken the pool down weeks ago (it's about 12' across and 4 feet deep) and was empty for at least a week before that. She uses the water to water the lawn until it is empty and then disassembles it and preps the Garden.
The City of Phoenix employee insisted on inspecting the back yard and Donna told them NO! They informed her that they are going to one way or the other and that they can just look into our back yard from the alley behind our house (which I'm sure they did, but Donna wasn't going to volunteer for a back yard inspection).
The pool was likely turning green when the level had gotten to under a foot deep and Donna stopped adding chlorine for no more than a week... BAM "The Man" was on it (weeks later).
So likely no citation, but my wife is certain to never allow for any pool love'n with Big Bubba Gov't eyeballing us constantly with ???... Just one more pleasure I'm denied on my property due to the Police State.
Just sharing.

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Comment by seanoamericano
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 I got up the other morning to discover a parking ticket on my truck.

Not on the street, but on my own property on the side of the house in a drive way that goes to the back yard. the amt of the ticket is $276.00. $150.00 for the city and an 84% state mandated sur charge of $126.00 The time on the ticket is 1:30 AM Several other people also got it too in my neighborhood. So this is how low they have sunk for revenue enhancement. Oh yeah I will get a 20 .00 discount if I pay it within 28 days  and there is a convenient drop off box for  me so that I wont have to go that extra distance and deal with one of them  face to face. I might be inclined to open my mouth and speak my mind, but I figure I would be paying more.  

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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BTW - I'm on my way right now to traffic court for a ticket for writing on a pad of paper on my steering wheel while pulling from a light. I saw the policeman behind me but he was angry that I gave some distance between me and the car ahead of me before moving from the light as I finished. Frustraited I guess... he pulled me over saying that my wheels went over the line "Unsafe lane change".

$200 - More to come :)

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Donna told me that after questioning the man about who/what would even know to complain, he told her that it came from 'aerial imagery' :)

Comment by JustinTyme
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Most likey you were turned in by one of your neighbors...