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"Libertarians" and those who are "anti-system"

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Comment by PureTrust
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Klaus and his people are simply anti-system, which is anti-libertarian - or are they? Most average people are libertarian at heart. You'd be hard pressed to find people who don't love freedom and liberty. They love it as their 'system'. But because freedom and liberty show up in manny different kinds of ways, it's difficult to realize and recognize that freedom and liberty are a system at all. Klaus is simply using his freedom and liberty (part of the system) to trick people. So, he is being tricked, himself, by wanting to get rid of the system of freedom and liberty which allows him to act freely, and freely say the garbage he talks about. Should we join him in his own anti-system take down of himself? Or should we pity him, and send in the funny-farm people with their white smocks?

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Well,... this is the first time I've noticed a visible break in Klaus' confidence. He seem genuinely concerned that libertarianism is his primary and most effective opposition. And the reason he may not have realized this before was likely just hubris and arrogance. But now that They/Them/Those (T3 that won't leave us alone) are acknowledging libertarian/voluntaryist philosophy their 'existential threat', we can expect a more targeted campaign against Voluntaryist ideology... GOOD! Let's Rock