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Could a Roof-Top Windmill Provide 80 Percent of a Home's Energy?

The first of his Democratic Ecology products is to be launched this fall, a miniature roof-top windmill, priced between €500 and €800, which will produce up to 80 percent of a home's energy.

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Comment by Fascist Nation
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Yes and I would like to know how well the plastic will hold up to sunlight, wear and tear from the constant impact with dust that erodes windmill blades and how much periodic maintenance it requires.

I note the article was completely bereft of any detail. 15 minutes to install something that has to weigh a lot and connected to 220V.

Also, you generally want to get the blades about 30 feet off the ground to have a decent amount of near constant breeze. I am attracted to the design. I just would like to see the specs and proof of design.

Comment by Robert Anderson
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What tripe. The story doesn't give a swept area of the rotor but it need to be pretty large and be in a constant medium to high wind area to be able to supply the energy needs of a modern home. Just another stories to make people believe that energy use/production is such an easy problem to fix. Few hundred bucks and slap it on the roof and Budabing no more electric bill…..NOT

Comment by Veritas Vincit
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Not unless the wind blows at 15mph for 80% of the time. Otherwise its a pretty dumb idea.

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