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CameraFRAUD Statement Regarding Trapster App Ban Request

• CameraFRAUD
"...Instead of taking us down the road even closer to an all-out police state, perhaps these lawmakers should question the legality of the alarming proliferation of internal checkpoints being deployed nationwide, including the terrible abuses of civil rights being demonstrated on a daily basis by Janet Napolitano’s “Domestic Surveillance Squad,” also known as the TSA.

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Comment by stupid Amerkin
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Bottom line. It's called PFP, Policing For Profit. It's the biggest racketeering operation in existance that has become status quo and therefore accepted by the masses because they have been dumbed down successfully like all of us to believe the illusion that a right can be turned into a privilage.

The whole foundation of our liberties is based on our freedom of locomotion. To go where we want, when we want by what ever means are available in that moment in time. Since when has it been a privilage to go to the store to buy grocries  or pick your children up from school? Since when has it been a privilage to go to the church of your choice or go to your government officials to redress your greivances?

Here you have the excutive branch of  men and women who put on a uniform, badge and a gun to ride herd on the private traveler to continue the agenda of generating revenue under the color of law. Most of these men and women who's pay check depend on them not knowing the truth, have signed an oath to serve and protect we the people and the Constitution and yet they don't even know the first amendment of the Constitution or if a constitution actually exist. Wouldn't this be called purjury or even treason?  How many of you have spent time in jail and theratened by these criminals disguised in black robes, suits and ties that have their army of thugs with guns that will blindly follow their orders by their so called superiors?  I myself  in the 60 years I have been on this planet, have never committed a crime, hurt anyone or destroyed any property, yet in the past year I have been arrested, my property stolen and locked up by those who I thought were there to protect me, for excerising my right to travel. I was not endangering anyone, causing any accidents, driving under the influense, peacefully going to my destination and the next thing I realize, I am being kidnapped by this road nazi and hauled off to jail because I refused to show him my papers until he filled out my public official questionair. Do we not have all the right to know where our personal information is going and who will have access to such from public officials, or are we living in the Twilight Zone?

We have a justus system that is as corrupt as it gets, totally out of control run by men with the illusion of absolute power that continue to fleece, plunder, rob and even murder the people under the color of law for their own sick agenda for control, power and espically the money, (frauds).

Yes, there are those who belong in jail starting with the ones who put you there to begin with, but how many innocent people are sitting in jail or prison under circumstance where there was no injured party or loss of property? How many innocent lives, families, Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, Sons and Daughters, the people in our communities have these men in black robes destroyed in their demented and twisted justification of their carreers for the sake of power and MONEY?  How can any of them operate in such a corrupted system without being a part of as well? How many times can a man turn his head and pretend not to see?

As it has been written, we are all sinful, however there are those who are out right evil and wicked & will do what ever it takes to acheive their own sick agendas.

In closing, all I can say is to keep your trust and faith in the Lord, our creator, because it sure isn't man that is going to save our rear end in this picture.

"It’s no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society".

"When armed force compels compliance with mythical laws and money is demanded for its violation, power will corrupt and greed will never be satisfied."   Richard L Koenig

"There will never be any peace until God is at the conference table."

Chi-Lites  1973