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In a legislative draft released this week, Baucus would fine you up to $3,800 for not buying precisely the insurance policy which Barack Obama orders you to buy. Baucus isn’t going to tell you that until after the bill is passed. We do know that, under the Baucus draft, a lower middle income family could be forced to pay up to 13% of its income to buy an ObamaCare policy. And, presumably, a middle income family would be required to spend much, much more....

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Air America - BradBlog

My week of guest hosting the The Mike Malloy Show LIVE from Los Angeles continues, and we've got a big show tonight, including the first airing of extended clips from the stunning recent deposition of formerly-gagged FBI translator turned whistleblower Sibel Edmonds. RAY MCGOVERN, retired 27-year CIA analyst, on torture investigations, the state of the CIA and it's director Leon Panetta, and much more. ERNEST HANCOCK, libertarian activist, radio host, and publisher of, on his having brought a gun to a recent Obama healthcare townhall in AZ. SIBEL EDMONDS, the former FBI translator turned whistleblower, as heard in extended clips from her recent, remarkable under-oath deposition, on the bribery and blackmail of current and former U.S. Congress members, stolen nuclear secrets and the infilitration of the U.S. government by agents of the Turkish government. Never before aired exclusive! Plus, the 'Green News Report' with DESI DOYEN, your calls a

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AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

Just when you thought the news about the Obama administration couldn’t get any worse, gun owners find themselves needing to rally the troops once again. This time it’s the proposed “Regulatory Czar” who will be coming to a vote this week in the U.S. Senate. His name is Cass Sunstein, and he holds some of the kookiest views you will ever hear....

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Background Checks On Firearm Sales Up 12% In August. Americans buy 1,074,757+ guns in August 2009 Data released by the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) reported 1,074,757 checks in August 2009, a 12.3 percent increase from the 956,872 reported in August 2008. So far that is roughly 9,076,205 gun bought this year! The total is probably more as NICS background checks may cover the purchase of more than one gun at a time.

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KFYI Radio

Alan Korwin and Eric Cartridge appeared on the Terry Gilberg Show on KFYI Saturday night to discuss the effect of the "Black Man with a Black Gun" protest on Arizona's national image. Despite what the biased lamestream media says, many Americans were impressed with the fact that the State of Arizona and the Phoenix Police Department respect the First and Second Amendment rights of Arizonans. Please listen to the show.

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We Are Change appears on the surface to be a liberty minded group. But don’t judge a book by it’s cover. I for one also maintain that 911 was a inside job.

I am opposed to any and all who are propping up enemies of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We Are Change is doing just that and more. This is a fact as their endorsed support of Ed Asner who is opposed to gun ownership and is also a devoted socialist. Ed Asner advocates gun control, Asner was also a signatory to the 2002 Not In Our Name petition organized by C. Clark Kissinger and the Revolutionary Communist Party.

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I am opposed to any and all who are propping up enemies of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We Are Change is doing just that and more. This is a fact as their endorsed support of Ed Asner who is opposed to gun ownership and is also a devoted socialist. Ed Asner advocates gun control, Asner was also a signatory to the 2002 Not In Our Namepetition organized by C. Clark Kissinger and the Revolutionary Communist Party.  

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The Examiner

In May 2006, a small group of mayors, including ousted Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels, were invited to a “summit” in New York by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino to found Mayors Against Illegal Guns. The purported idea was to get so-called “illegal guns” off the streets; a lofty goal for sure, but might it not be a better idea to get criminals off the streets instead? Of course, removing a criminal element from society has never been the MAIG goal. This group, which now boasts more than 400 members claiming to represent 56 million American citizens – legions of whom are undoubtedly law-abiding gun owners who are steadfastly opposed to more gun control measures – is only focused on removing what it calls “illegal guns” from society.

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I do not carry a gun because it is comfortable, carrying a gun is not comfortable; I carry a gun because it is comforting.   I do not carry a gun because I am afraid; I carry a gun so I do not have to liv in fear.   I do not carry a gun to kill people; I carry a gun to keep from being killed.   I do not carry a gun to scare people; I carry a gun because sometimes this world can be a scary place. 

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Arizona Republic

Why are people showing up at political rallies armed? When Chris Broughton appeared at a rally during President Barack Obama's Aug. 17 visit to Phoenix, Broughton's holstered sidearm and shouldered rifle made international news.

What's happening? More and more Americans fear their government is racing out of control, and they're speaking up peacefully but in no uncertain terms.

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Phoenix New Times

Before I hit you with my account of this Sunday's evening service at Tempe's Faithful Word Baptist Church -- home to Obama-death-wish preacher Steven Anderson, and his spritual follower, AR-15-toter and Obama-hater Christopher Broughton -- I should run down some significant points picked up during my post-service chats with both.

First off, despite what some analysts suggested on CNN's Rick Sanchez show this Friday, August 28, Anderson insisted to me that he had not been paid any visits by the U.S. Secret Service. Broughton specifically denied that the Secret Service or any other law enforcement agency, such as the FBI, had spoken with him. However, both men stated that Broughton, who's now infamous for appearing with a loaded AR-15 outside where President Obama was speaking to the VFW on August 17, was present at Pastor Anderson's service the night before, for the sermon where Anderson hoped the President of the United Stat

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Rick Sanchez plays portions of a sermon given by Pastor Steven Anderson from a Tempe, AZ, church, given the day before President Obama arrived for a town hall meeting. Anderson's sermon was titled "Why I Hate Barack Obama." He says the President "deserves to die" for supporting abortions, and should "melt like a snail."

According to "a CNN source with very close ties to the Secret Service," death threats against President Obama have risen. Sanchez calls it a "deeply disturbing trend that is taking place in our country."

Incidentally, it was also confirmed that the man who carried a gun to that same Obama event was in attendance at that sermon. 

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Post Gazette

A weapons plank in a raft of G-20 Summit legislation moving through Pittsburgh City Council drew fire from gun rights advocates yesterday, prompting the National Rifle Association to consider yanking its 2011 annual meeting from the city. The proposed ordinance would allow police to cite people for carrying a variety of items, from rotten eggs to 37 types of guns, if police perceive an intent to defy their orders. "They may try to call this some other thing, but by every reasonable account, and reasonable review of what they intend to do, this is a gun ban, plain and simple," said Andrew Arulanandam, director of public affairs for the NRA. If it is passed and remains in place, it would "jeopardize" the NRA's plans to hold a conference here April 29 through May 1, 2011, costing the city tens of thousands of visitors, he said. City Councilman Bruce Kraus, a gun control advocate, said the ordinance may not be enforceable as it's now written, but he*

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Gun rights advocates scored a victory Thursday as the House Financial Services Committee adopted an amendment to allow guns in public housing projects. The amendment, by Tom Price , Ra?`Ga., would bar any housing authority from restricting legal ownership of guns. It was adopted, 38-31, as the committee continued its markup of a housing bill (HR 3045) that the panel is expected to approve next week. “Seniors and other individuals have the right to protect themselves,” said Joe Baca of California, one of 13 Democrats who voted for the amendment. “Those guns would be registered, and those individuals have a right, in public housing or any other place, to protect themselves.” While the Department of Housing and Urban Development does not have a specific policy concerning guns in public housing, several local agencies have banned them in an effort to reduce violent crime in housing projects. Major urban centers began to adopt gun bans in the 1990s, and advocates of such steps argu

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Michael Gaddy

Millions of Americans have joined the NRA, send money for dues and are solicited many times each year for donations to assist with the legal rights of gun owners– or so they say. Well, they are paying their lawyers all right, but not to defend the rights of those they claim to represent.  

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Video Virginia Briand is a grandmother of six, a gourmet cook and an avid gardener. She's also pretty good at target practice. Virginia is among a growing number of women, women over age 50, who are taking their safety seriously. "The bad guys don't just hang out in bad areas. They're coming to your neighborhood so people are starting to accept a lot of personal responsibility." Fire Arms Instructor Michael Jurina Is teaching this concealed carry class at the Shooter's Club in Harahan. "We've gotten a lot older group of people who've become a little worrisome, especially after Katrina and other recent events around the country that have made people say, 'Yikes. I guess the police aren't always there,'" he says. "I felt unsafe after the hurricanes and after the millennium," says Virginia. Now, she feels very comfortable handling a gun. "I think i can sense danger. I know my rights. I know the dangers of what

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[Jail for exercising his Right.]

The former Giants receiver pleaded guilty last week to attempted criminal possession of a weapon after accidentally shooting himself in the thigh at a Manhattan nightclub last November. He accepted a two-year prison term and is to be sentenced Sept. 22.

With prison just weeks away, he acknowledged he's especially anxious about being separated from his family.

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