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Chicago Tribune

Like the Panthers and the self-styled Arizona patriots, Chris got his publicity. Somebody even started a "William Kostric for Congress" Facebook page. That's the joy of the Internet age. No matter how far off the radar your views may be, you can find love on the Web.

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Ernest Hancock, the right-wing online radio host who carried a .9 [sic] millimeter pistol himself at the Phoenix protest and who interviewed the other people who were carrying guns -- he used to work for a group that defended a violent militia group called the Vipers.  It was a group that called themselves the Viper Reserves and they formed to defend the Viper Militia.

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Back Woods Home

It's called the Ammunition Accountability Act (AAA). You've got to love the name. It sounds so noble. But remember the great gun writer, Mel Tappan's, universal rule of law: "The nobler the language, the more nefarious the purpose of any legal instrument." It's been proposed in 18 states and, with some minor difference among them, here's what it will do once enacted: Each box of ammo you buy will have a unique number. Each round in the box will have a laser-etched number on the base of the bullet and on the inside of the cartridge case that corresponds to the number on the box. Each time you buy ammo you will have to show ID with your name, date of birth, driver's license, etc., to be recorded so the box will be tied to you. There will be a 5¢ tax on each and every round in the box. This "tax" will be to support the database. You will have to maintain records if you give or sell ammo to relatives or friends. (And the above tax wou

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Fox News

Frommer said he won't be spending his tourism dollars at the Grand Canyon, or anywhere else in Arizona, because he doesn't want to travel in a state where civilians carry loaded weapons as a means of political protest.

"I will cancel any plans to vacation or otherwise visit in Arizona until I learn more," Frommer wrote. "And I will begin thinking about whether tourists should safeguard themselves by avoiding stays in Arizona."


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 After a man legally carried to Obama's Phoenix visit a REAL version of the TOY rifle at issue in this case, it became quite clear that there was an obvious discrepancy of recognition of rights between these 2 incidents.  

"All parties have agreed that criminal charges in this matter are not in the best interest of justice," a police spokesman said.

Gee,...can we say "lawsuit"?

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WGN Radio

After our man Chris took his AR-15 to the Obama rally, local gun law expert Alan Korwin was interviewed regarding the right to keep and bear arms in Arizona. The WGN radio host engaged in a fair amount of panty-wetting over the idea that Arizonans have the basic human right of self-defense, in sharp contrast to Chicago, where crime victims (aka "citizens") are almost completely disarmed.

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The history behind our political activism that lead to the Obama appearance with firearms. Our connection to Rahm Emanuel, Janet Napolitano & Phoenix Police Department that goes back 15 years. Now you'll know the rest of the story. This Weds. the Tribune paper here in the Valley of the Sun will run an article requested of me. I'll be back from vacation Monday the 31st of August.

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Among the myriad of deplorable misanthropic schemes under Obama Care, which should properly be called Obama-Soros care, one of the most afflictive is the administration’s dedication to cost cutting by way of reducing such frivolous frills as anesthesia. “Incredibly, Congress’s proposed healthcare reform plan risks skimping on anesthesia. According to one of the health-care bills in Congress, H.R. 3200, the public option would reduce reimbursement for anesthesia by over 50%.” Liberals, who fancy themselves the sole arbiters of compassion, have no compunction about cutting corners on superfluous amenities like an anesthetic during surgery, according to anesthesiologist Ronald Dworkin writing for the Wall Street Journal. In anticipation of Obama-Soros care, prescient Americans will certainly be stocking up on whiskey as well as bullets, sparking yet another nationwide ammo shortage.

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Meet a "VIPER"  (Now that the media has started to bring up the Arizona Viper Militia, it's time to start reminding you what really happened. We saw it up close)   Donna Williams:
I apologize to the court for reading this. I am very anxious and wouldn't be able to remember all that I want to say by simply talking.

I understand this is my opportunity to tell the court about myself, since otherwise you only know what's in the court papers and pre-sentence report.

I was born in Oklahoma City in 1952, an only child. My parents and I were very close, best friends. My father was a petroleum engineer, my mom a teacher. My dad's job opportunities allowed us to travel extensively abroad and live in South America for six years. My parents loved the outdoors and gave me a great appreciation and love of travel, camping and nature. My dad grew up on a ranch in Texas where carrying firearms was a way of life. He taught me at an ear

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First, take a look at the Sanchez video:

Now, pop over to Talking Points Memo and you’ll get a good summary of what the liberal blogosphere is saying about Hancock and the gun incident.

Look, I’m not going to defend some of Hancock’s wilder theories about politics and news events. But I’ve known the man for at least six years. He used to be the producer on a local radio talk show I guest-hosted one day for three hours. Hancock is passionate about defending American liberties as outlined in the U.S. Constitution, and that includes the Second Amendment. He wants to engage the public in debating these issues, and finds unusual ways to do so. He’s not out to hurt anyone.


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Libertarian Talker Pulls Big Publicity Coup. Phoenix-based talk host and libertarian activist Ernest Hancock took the media for a ride as the orchestrator of the “man with the assault rifle at the Obama health care rally.” By now you’ve seen video of “Chris,” the well-dressed black man with the rifle over his shoulder being interviewed by Hancock at the recent Phoenix event. CNN’s Rick Sanchez ran with the story as did other media outlets questioning why someone would need to have a loaded rifle at a rally where the president was appearing. That’s legal in Arizona and Hancock later admitted to Sanchez on CNN that they told the police they would be there and it was indeed designed to bring attention to Second Amendment rights. Hancock’s “Declare Your Independence” show is available on the internet and several terrestrial stations. Hancock also operates the libertarian-oriented news portal and website 

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by Vin Suprynowicz

On July 1, a dozen citizens of Phoenix were arrested and charged with being members of the "Viper Militia." The next day, President Clinton stood on the White House lawn. saying. "I'd like to begin today by saluting the enforcement officers who made arrests in Arizona yesterday to avert a terrible terrorist attack." But as the indictments are made available to the public and more evidence about the Vipers' activities emerges, it is becoming increasingly clear that the Viper case is merely the government's latest assault on citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights.

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Written By:

Chris, a person of color, and a freedom loving patriot, whom made national news exercising his Open-carry rights in Arizona at a Obama's health care rally, was interviewed by Alex Jones . DOWNLOAD THE MP3'S AND MAKES THIS GO VIRAL! http://sna

Letters to the Editor • Global
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When Ernest Hancock stunned CNN's Rick Sanchez by mentioning Janet Napolitano's pro... er, PERsecution of the Viper Militia, that gave the Obamabots the opening they'd been looking for to demonize "right-wing" opposition to Obama's policies.    Just as Sanchez was totally unprepared for the interview he had with Hancock, this crowd is totally unprepared for a thorough review of the Viper Militia case and related government abuses.   It's Rolaids time.

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Talking Points Memo (that's their real name)

Let's delve a little bit deeper into the black helicopter-infested world of the Viper Militia -- the 90's era group whose members ended up in federal prison and whose most prominent friend and defender, Ernest Hancock, staged the show of arms-bearing at an Obama event Monday.

A portrait of a feckless group of paranoid, right-wing, minimum wage-earning weapons enthusiasts -- 10 men and two women -- emerges from press accounts at the time.


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(Here we go again - WATCH) All of the behind the scenes coverage, court filings, interviews and Truth were accumulated using the Internet (we were way ahead of our time even then). The Viper Reserves was a creation of just a few close friends that archived "everything". Including a 40 million dollar lawsuit that detailed all of the 'antics' of the Justice Department and Janet Napolitano as the prosecuting attorney. Sooooo, should this story be resurrected, much more information will be added to the public's awareness... better this late than never I guess :)
  PHOENIX (CNN) -- An undercover policeman witnessed training sessions involving machine-gun practice and detonation of improvised explosives by Viper Militia members charged in a plot to blow up several federal buildings, authorities said Tuesday.

The undercover officer videotaped at least one of the sessions as the militia itself shot footage of planning meetings and a trip during w

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Le 17 août, les images d'un homme portant un fusil d'assaut lors d'une réunion publique, à laquelle participait le président américain à Phoenix dans l'Arizona, avaient déclenché une polémique. Cet incident avait en fait été préparé par un "journaliste" proche d'une milice qui a tenté, dans les années 90, de faire sauter un bureau fédéral.