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Hour 1 mp3: Jack Gregson, Economic Columnist for FreedomsPhoenix shares his presentation on the US Economy that he gave to rave reviews to the Arizona Breakfast Club this past Saturday / Hour 2 mp3: Powell Gammill, Senior Editor for FreedomsPhoenix

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Sherter explained that “just as giant financial firms interconnect, so do giant financial crises. Credit woes seep first into the banking sector, then slam into the broader economy before doubling back to curtail lending. Bubble pops bubble, a verita

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By Tyler Durden,

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has released a report "State Tax Changes in Response to the Recession" in which the center notes that "national recession has had such a devastating effect on state finances that states took in $87 billio

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By Michael Snyder,

The 2009 Financial Report Of The U.S. Government has finally been released, and the news is not good. It basically confirms much of what we already know - that the United States government is a complete financial mess. The U.S. government budget de