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The FreedomsPhoenix crew takes a trip to Quartzsite, Az and spreads the message of freedom. Government has gotten a toehold there and we're prepping the locals and visitors of what's to come. / Jack Gregson (FP Economics Columnist) in Studio.

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John Stossel for Fox Business Channel

Last night on Stossel, John spoke about the private sector and how it drives technological innovation. One of the examples he gave was the fierce competition brought on by the Progressive X Prize, which is a cash prize for the first company to manufa

Article Image Opinion • Global Refuse To Bow To The Illegitimate Power Of The State

The Federal Reserve garnered “record profits” during 2009, the largest amount it has ever made in a single year in its entire history. Fascinating, when considered against the backdrop of what the American taxpayer is facing – record levels of unempl

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