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White House

The Federal Government must have the ability to communicate at all times and under all circumstances to carry out its most critical and time sensitive missions. Such communications must be possible under all circumstances to ensure

Article Image, By Susan Crawford extraordinary story that will actually have an impact on the day-to-day lives of tens of millions of Americans is rolling efficiently forward in dozens of state legislatures. And neither mainstream media nor the public is paying much attention.

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Apple has waged an international patent war since 2010 as it seeks to limit the growth of Google's Android system, the world's best-selling mobile operating platform. A decisive injunction in one of the U.S. legal cases could strengthen Apple's hand

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The Phoenix 411 is a rapid message distribution network. You can use The Phoenix 411 to participate in our growing liberty movement.

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Sometime in early 2004, as Mark Zuckerberg was furiously coding the first iterations of The Facebook in his Harvard dorm room, the Internet passed what then seemed to be an impressive milestone: 750 million people worldwide had become connected.