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Iqbal Quadir tells how his experiences as a kid in poor Bangladesh, and later as a banker in New York, led him to start a mobile phone operator connecting 80 million rural Bangladeshi -- and to become a champion of bottom-up development.

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YouTube via e-mail from June D. (THANKS!)

I've been telling people that their cell phones can be activated and their conversations in the room with a cell phone (even if it's not being used) CAN BE MONITORED! I was in communications in the Army...

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Vandals cut fiber-optic cable lines at two locations early today, knocking out phones and access to 911 emergency services to thousands of California customers. [buried lede of the year nominee - the real meat is at the end.]

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Washiongton Post

At midnight, more than 400 broadcasters across the country plan to permanently shut off analog signals and air only digital programming. The change could potentially confuse television viewers who were expecting to have 4 more months to make the tran

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Technology Review

working with credit-reporting company Equifax Google offer shows to advertisers that can target people with household incomes greater than $100,000. it certainly won't be possible to target specific households (YET!)

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The New York Times

Over the objections of television broadcasters, federal regulators approved use of a disputed slice of radio spectrum for public use Tuesday in hopes that it will lead to development of new wireless communications.

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Let’s suppose that you want to send somebody an message that contains sensitive information which you want only the person getting the message to see — say an important password or an account number or a transaction that you’d rather keep on the down

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It said that plans to co-operate with the US on "extremely controversial" techniques and technologies of surveillance and "enhanced" co-operation. The group is accused of trying to harness a "digital tsunami" to aid law

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ABC News

Long lines of disgruntled customers wrapped around city blocks across the globe today as Apple scrambled to fix a glitch in iTunes that prevented iPhone acolytes from activating the next-generation phones they had waited hours, even days, to buy.