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It’s been years since such a simple task has rendered me useless. The last time I couldn’t think of anything to type was back when Napster was illegal, and my brain would shut down every time I tried to think of another low-quality song to add to my

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Reports say applications for Amateur Radio (HAM) Licenses have skyrocketed in recent years (I wonder why!) and there’s been a lot of talk of using it for communications in a post Fan Event.

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The Federal Communications Commission said Tuesday that it’s accepting comments on a petition that seeks to have Internet-to-phone text messaging declared a type of autodialing. The technology, which collects cell numbers without consent and then mes

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Before the days of high-speed internet and even dial-up AOL, there was an "online" world of communication that many people today have no idea existed. A much more decentralized way of communicating "online" that could be argued to have significantly