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Drug War

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Simple Justice

The defendant had $324 in cash in his pocket? Proof he's a drug dealer, because drug dealers transact business in cash. If he has no cash in his pocket, it's proof he's a major drug dealer, because major drug dealers have people who do the dirty tr

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Washington state is getting ready for legal marijuana, becoming the second U.S. to legalize the substance for adults. Sales of cannabis started in 24 locations around the state yesterday. Colorado legalized marijuana on January 1st. Sales there w

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The lawsuit is brought on behalf of women who are imprisoned at MCI-Framingham solely because they are civilly committed under a law known as "Section 35." Under Section 35, an alcoholic or substance abuser can be civilly committed

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The Smoking Gun

A Mexican informant who provided "credible information" to US law enforcement agencies about narcotics trafficking was compensated "with the ability to cross the border legally into the United States for at least one year."