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The Perfect Girl... well, Almost

Written by Subject: Humor
(A friend sent me this after he got all excited and then was terribly disappointed. (A real Ad on a local singles site... I took out the links to avoid getting in trouble with "The Man")

My Self-Summary 
I like outdoor activities like off-roading, camping, hiking and shooting. I also like the movies, museums, historical sites, BBQs, the lake, the snow, mudbogging events, monster trucks, rock crawlers, gun shows, walks....just about anything really. It's a matter of who I'm with, rather than what we're doing. I really am a guys kind of girl, who is content in jeans, a t-shirt, and sporting a pony-tail. I like to work hard professionally and take things as they come with my free time. I have one son and he's my little man. I'm quick witted and have a sarcastic sense of humor, sometimes vulgar and not very PC. I can be shy at first, but it wears off quickly. I prefer dive bars and pubs over clubs, but I don't drink very much. I am very pro-military and have served several years myself. I am a deep thinker and I rarely ever believe things without checking on them first. I typically like to read books about emergency preparedness or survival. Politically, I'm a Libertarian or Independent.
(But then....)
Job Political / Government
What am I doing with my life:
Just completed my Bachelor's degree in Homeland Security. I'm always looking for opportunities to expand my knowledge. I'm a volunteer in my community and a leader in cub scouts. I have several hobbies like building projects, working on my truck, or making jewelry.

I'ts always something. (Sigh)

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Comment by Ned The Head
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I hear ya there G-Cone. I used to date a mercenary. Chick had killed hundreds, maybe thousands of people, tortured them to death, men, women and children. Still we used to have these great conversations about Satan worship and the zombification of innocent people. Great sex, what else matters?

Comment by G Cone
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I used to date a girl that was a liberal catholic, and I'm a libertarian atheist. She was a grade school special ed teacher, former peace corps worker. We never ran out of things to talk about. It's all pink on the inside, brother!

Comment by Brock
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Yuo can hav the cussions from mi cowch.

Comment by Ned The Head
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Ouch! We really need some cussions on these floors.