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Law Enforcers or Peace Officers

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Washington Post

Two Prince George’s County police officers were indicted Tuesday on felony assault charges in the March 3, 2010, beating of an unarmed University of Maryland student — an apparently unprovoked attack that was caught on video and made national news.

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by William Grigg (Pro Liberate)

Exasperated citizens complained to the police only to be treated with a mixture of amusement and impatient annoyance. Mounting hostility against Lebedev and his underlings prompted the gangster to withdraw – but only to gather reinforcements.

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Photography Is Not a Crime

Ruggiero confronted a citizen the other day who was recording him during a traffic stop, so he informed the citizen that recording cops without their consent is a felony in Florida. Ruggiero was so convinced of this myth that he even happily provi

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Reason magazine

Mr. Fuddlesticks, the pseudonymous creator of YouTube cartoons mocking the Renton police department, no longer faces a "cyberstalking" investigation. Judge Cayce had approved a search warrant demanding information about Mr. Fuddlesticks from Google,

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Huffington Post

The family of a first grade Chicago Public Schools student who was reportedly handcuffed and told he was going to prison for talking during class filed a lawsuit against the school district this week, and an attorney for the family says he wasn't the

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