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Vince Edwards

Currently BIG MEDIA is controlled by advertisers, giving us a bottleneck where information isn't reported due to financial bias. With NEWSCHAIN independent journalists get paid from visitor CPU power, costing each visitor next to nothing, yet thousa

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team of Chinese students have modified E. coli, Shewanella and B. subtilis bacteria to create a microbial fuel cell. By feeding the bacteria with sugar, the fuel cell can generate up to 80 hours of electrical output.

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In a world where lasers are sci-fi's weapon of choice for melting away an enemy spaceship (sometimes even translating to the real world), researchers at the University of Washington have swum against the current and produced the first laser capable o

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in a DECADE, Mark Zuckerberg claims. Facebook is set to become a lot more intelligent - and could outperform humans within ten years, Mark Zuckerberg has claimed. In an interview with Fast Company, the Facebook founder revealed the firm's huge in

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