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Drug War

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It may be the currency of the future, but it now appears that Bitcoin is not immune to the U.S. government's prying eyes and hands — especially when it's being used to fuel black market activities. A few days ago, the federal Drug Enforcement Agen

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FOX News

An internal review of the state crime laboratory found the supervisor overseeing the lab was often biased in favor of prosecutors. The audit determined the former supervisor, may have tampered with or even lied about forensic tests in court

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New York Times

The FDA announced it had begun exercising its power to regulate cigarettes and other tobacco products, an authority given in a 2009 law in authorizing the sale of 2 new products — both Newport cigarettes and rejected 4 other competing products.

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Washington Post

The NTSB wants state legislatures to drop the measure from the current blood-alcohol level of .08 to .05, about that caused by a dry martini or two beers in a 160-pound person. The .08 standard could allow the same person to drive legally

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