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I live out in the Country I do not know if you have had any experience with the "Gypsy's" they are a travelling group who wreck driveways and intimidate elderly people into paying them outrageous amounts for doing so. I used to live in the Twin Cities and I knew all about them from news reports and first hand experience since I had at one time worked for an Asphalt Plant where they would come in and purchase the wrong material for the job. Well recently they came calling I said I was not interested through the window well they are rather pushy and he wanted to continue the conversation. I am Armed always I live in Western Wisconsin now and we have Open Carry Laws. Lets just say I told him again in a more forceful manner NO he got the drift and left. I had my husband put up some No Trespassing-No Soliciting Signs the standard types you can buy anywhere but I wanted to have a sign that indicated in a more forceful manner NO and I just found the perfect sign (at site

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Citizens for Legitimate Government

BETHESDA, Maryland - (PTSD News) - Two heath insurance giants have announced the winners of their "Scare Health Care Reform to Death" contest. Starting in March, UnitedHealthcare and CIGNA Health Insurance joined forces to create a contest that would award prizes to American citizens who came up with the scariest talking points against health care reform, slogans that would most likely turn public opinion against any changes to the current system. Truth was not a requirement--in fact, it was discouraged for blocking the creative process.

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WASHINGTON - (PTSD News) - Saying that they will fight to the death to stop any reform of America's health care system, Republican senators and representatives have stepped up their attacks on every health-care reform bill. "There is nothing in the Bill of Rights that says a citizen has a right to be alive, let alone be healthy," said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky. "And since the first ten amendments to the Constitution were written by God, anyone who wants to propose a bill that changes any rights hates Jesus."

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Big Hollywood

ROFLMAO this is funny and informative! It seems that a lot of people have completely forgotten about the billions of tax-payer dollars that have already been spent. Don’t you worry folks, I’ve got you covered. Steve the P.A. from Iowa and I hightailed it across the country to see if our money was truly being put into a legitimate recovery program… Or being spent on frivolities. Take a guess! Video at site PS: Don’t worry. Nobody actually swam in the Salton Sea during the making of this video. Well, a German tourist did, but I think he got shot.

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From the moment I left Yale and started working for Goldman Sachs, I’ve felt uneasy interacting with those who don’t. Today, the sheer volume of irresponsible media commentary has forced us to reconsider our public-relations strategy. With every uptick in our share price it’s grown clearer that we who are inside Goldman Sachs must open a dialogue with you who are not. Not for our benefit, but for yours. America stands at a crossroads, and Goldman Sachs now owns both of them. In choosing which road to take, ordinary Americans must not be distracted by unproductive resentment toward the toll-takers. To that end we at Goldman Sachs would like to dispel several false and insidious rumors.

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Josh Weiss is the official spokesdrone for American Traffic Solutions. In Weiss’ world, privacy is irrelevant compared to the needs of corpgov surveillance. While instantaneous cross-checking of a vehicle’s registered owner information against local, state, and federal databases smacks of a bona-fide surveillance state, those in the industry tell us that “if you’re not doing anything wrong, you don’t have anything to worry about.”

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Andy Borowitz

In what some on Wall Street are calling the biggest blockbuster deal in the history of the financial sector, Goldman Sachs confirmed today that it was in talks to acquire the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

According to Goldman spokesperson Jonathan Hestron, the merger between Goldman and the Treasury Department is "a good fit" because "they're in the business of printing money and

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Edwin Sumcad


    Let’s not be headless chicken destined for dinner. Monopods should go to the high court to declare Patriot Act, as amended, unconstitutional if “torture” of terrorists by the military is “illegal”, instead of asking for the neck of former president Bush for dinner.


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