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The supposed leaders of the United States have claimed to seek “energy independence” for the past 40 years, yet the nation is no closer to energy independence now that it was in the 1970's. In recent years many supporters of energy independence, and

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Every day, Google’s servers crawl the web, quietly amassing a mirror image of the internet, so that the search behemoth can index everything and serve up lighting-fast responses to any question, no matter how inane.

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I have a good friend whom I call Margaret the Condo Gardner. Her garden is quite the contrast of mine, but she will tell you that it is every bit as gratifying.

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What I appreciate about all this, by the way, is that Dr. deShazo's team has reproduced and confirmed my original scientific findings. This is encouraging, as it means the Natural News Forensic Food Lab is now inspiring other scientists to test our

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Our Wellness Revolution

We can enjoy the things we love while increasing our nutritional content. Our body functions optimally when we avoid processed foods that clog it up. Here are 15 great options that allow you to satisfy those cravings while picking a healthier option.

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If you have a need for chocolate but are not wanting to consume the high-fructose-laden varieties that are prevalent throughout our grocery and convenience stores, here is a healthy recipe that is super easy, healthy, and very tasty.