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The silent war against humanity is escalating. Storms are being manipulated by radar arrays and cloud seeding that has reached its technological zenith. The NWO manipulates these storms to increase death, steal land, and insist on implementing their

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End Times Headlines

The stunning alignment will occur just before sunrise on June 3, 2024. During the solar spectacle, the orbits of Jupiter, Mercury, Uranus, Mars, Neptune, and Saturn will bring the six planets to the same side of the sun.

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Ron Paul Institute - Connor O'Keeffe

Anyone who has voiced opposition to what the government of Israel is currently doing in Gaza has undoubtedly heard the various ways Israel's defenders excuse, dismiss, and justify Israel's actions.

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Activist Post

Great injustice has been done to millions and billions of people. People were fired from positions for objecting, canceled for refusing the vaccine, injured from the lockdowns and shots, and had their businesses and arts associations ruined.

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Ron Paul Institute - Jeffrey Tucker

Four years later, many people are investigating how our lives were completely upended by a pandemic response. Over my time on the case, I've heard countless theories. It was Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Finance, the Green New Deal, the CCP, Depopulati

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Trump's Bronx Rally Called "Waste of Time" This week, former President Trump held a campaign rally in the Bronx Borough of New York City. An estimated crowd of 25,000 enthusiastic fans attended. Gov. Kathy Hochul (D-NY) called the attendees "clown

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"He is just a tragic front for a far left political machine," Mr. Musk wrote. It was the 29th time this year that he had posted about the president on X, formerly known as Twitter, which Mr. Musk bought in 2022.

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