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Pre-Occupied Territory

After several prominent Palestinians asserted that they were descended from the ancient Canaanites, leaders of the Canaanite city-states emphatically ruled out the notion that their descendants were modern-day Palestinians.

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Snuggly the Security Bear and Obama have been busier than we all thought in the United States of Surveillance. After the revelations by whistleblower Edward Snowden, we know more about the full extent of NSA domestic spying.

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California State Senator Kevin de Leon uttered this comedic jewel the other day as he was promoting his new gun control bill, SB 808. Anyone with even a basic familiarity with firearms or the English language will see how stupid this is instantly

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Strike The Root

But today--today!--they arrived. I knew as soon as I saw the envelope with the return address: Missouri Department of Revenue, Motor Vehicle Department. My hands trembled as I ripped it open--and there they were: glorious yellow, highly reflective,

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President Says “Right of Conscience” Not Valid for Military Personnel “I am the Commander-in-Chief,” Obama explained. “It is every soldier's duty to carry out my orders without hesitation or mental reservation. No religious dogma can be permitted

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China touches down on the Moon, finishing a distant third in the decades-long space race marathon.

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