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By Jeffrey A. Tucker, Debbie Lerman, Aaron Kheriat

You have surely heard that your search results on Google (with 92 percent share of the search market) reflect not your curiosities and needs but someone or something else's views on what you need to know. That's hardly a secret.

Article Image, By Donald Jeffries

The alpha White male celebrity is the new Dodo Bird. Nowhere is the "Great Replacement" more obvious than in the character and personalities of those trotted out by the establishment as role models.

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Benny Wills -

I was addicted to weed. I smoked it. I ingested it. I loved it. It was the thing I looked forward to at the end of every day. It enhanced my creativity. It helped expand my mind and think critically. It made me calmer, kinder and funnier. Or so I tho

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Article Image, Benny Wills

Pornography is masculinity's kryptonite. Over the past half century, it has plagued the world and infected the minds of billions of men. There is no such thing as a healthy porn habit.