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Recently, Dr. Vladimir "Zev" Zelenko, the leading pioneer in early treatment of COVID-19, the creator of the over-the-counter immune boosting supplement Z-Stack, and one of the most influential voices for medical freedom, announced the creation o

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;patients getting ripped off The majority of U.S. hospitals are still not transparent about their prices for in-hospital procedures despite transparency policies that were put in place back in 2019 for hospital procedures, joint replacement and othe

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- the West's endless money printing The announcement that Russia has defaulted on its debt is an attempt by Western central banks to hide the fact that it is destroying the global financial system by flooding it with more newly printed money.

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High hopes had been placed on the indirect talks set to be held in Qatar starting Tuesday between Iran and the United States, which involved the European Union mediating between the two; however after the second day the Iranian side is reporting that

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There are two schools of thought when it comes to the stagflation crisis: Those that think inflation in necessities is part of a deliberate agenda of national sabotage, and those that think the whole disaster is a product of pure stupidity.

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With a recession looming over the average American, the group to blame is pretty obvious, this group being the central bankers at the Federal Reserve, who inflate the supply of currency in the system, that currency being the dollar.